Transformation complete Roy Wood is Glam! ...and rid of Jeff Lynn thank god.. Every apperance the man and his band make on Top of The Pops from here on in will be more & more outrageous..

Sweet fully grown now release the first of a string of killer Chinnichap hits, this is the stuff!


Alice Cooper still the only bone-fide US glam act.. America does have a version of Glam.. led by bands like Angel & Kiss, but it`s less than a movement, the US doesn`t really feel happy with men in Lipstick, Kiss get away with it because they`re sci-fi and comic book, Angel on the other hand were so "pretty" that had they added -red- Lipstick to the brew they would have been lynched in middle America... (Follow the links to the Angel homepage to appreciate how they would have cleaned up in the UK of 1973..)

America didn't get a varient of the Glam thing until the Hair Metal bands of the 80's, sure they wore platforms & make-up, but they wern't half as knowing as their British counterparts, and the songs were no where near as good!


Fake Glam:
  • Kenny - Heart Of Stone
Slade Straight in at No.1 again.. why arn't these boys lauded as the songwriters they so obviously are?

A parting shot from ELO who from this point on drown under Jeff Lynnes bubble perm and desire to be the Beatles..

Evidently the Kenny that hit with "Heart of Stone isn`t the Kenny that hit with "The Bump" funny how two bands should have the same name and neither of them be any good now isn`t it.. (Thanks to Jackie for the info)


What a great month! Wizzard reach their creative peak, Bowie starts getting -really- wierd, and Geordie have their hit.. the singer one Brian Johnson will later join AC/DC as Bon Scotts replacement..

American Singer/Bassist Suzi Quatro has her first hit with the ChinniChap "Can the Can" ..a pal of Alice Coopers, Mickie Most discovered her playing bass in an all girl band in Detroit, flew her to England, allowed her to wear Leather.. and voilą! The Queen of Glam!

And still they churn the hits out.. unstoppable...

Bowie releases the beautiful "Life On Mars" with Rick Wakeman on piano, ..he played on Clive Dunns Grandad too.. odd eh?


"48 Crash" apparently refers to a male hitting the menopause.. (thanks Lynne!) I still don't know what a "Silk sash bash" is... (Update! An American reader tells me a silk sash is what us uptight Brits call a cummerbund, so it's a formal event.. who says Glam can't teach you stuff?

I'll defend David Essex's first 4 singles to the end! (He should have stopped before no. 5 tho'..) really odd production.

I guess this means we're in the eye of the glam hurricane now.. Ballroom Blitz has arrived, Glams "theme song"

Mott proving they can do it without Mr. Bowie..


Slade stick to the formula whilst Bowie...

..releases another ballad, a SUPERB cover of a 60's hit by the Merseys and his record company decide his new mature direction is a load of old pants and what we REALLY want is... well... the um.. The Laughing Gnome.


Alvin Stardust (formerly "Shane Fenton" - From "Shane Fenton & The Fentones") has his first hit, it's sort of ok.. but is verging on fake glam if you ask me.. ..he has to wear gloves on TV to cover up the fact that he dyed his hands black while he was doing the hair..

David Essex still producing the goods


Roxy Music are having hit singles in the Glam mode whilst making albums that will long outlast this fad..

T-Rex have now definitely been caught up by the pack.

Slade & Wizzard fight it out for the pretigious Xmas Number One with the 2 best Xmas songs ever written.. (Slade win by a neck chartwise.. Wizzard stall at No.4 with the superior tune) both songs are re-released every year at Xmas time.. This must mark the commercial peak of Glam.

Cozy Powell - a drummer - has instrumental glam hit before decending into heavy metal hell

There's more it's: 1974