This is the last photo taken on the last night of the last Inner City Unit tour 25/8/16

L-R Kevin Walker - Drums, Steve Pond - Guitar, Nik Turner - Sax & Vocals, Nazar Ali-Khan - Bass

Sadly Nik Turner died on the 10th of November 2022 which means there will never be another ICU gig
Niks spirit will live on in everyone who played with or saw the band.

ICU 1979-2022:

Nik Turner, Trev Thoms, Dead Fred, Mick Stupp, Baz Magneto, Dave Anderson, Steve Pond, Dino Ferari, Nazer Ali Khan
Dave Dog, Little Bit, Big Steve, Angel Flame, Sprogg Turnip, Mo Vicarage, Kevin Walker, Steve Redman, Ola Belo, Jim Hawkman

"We played it loud you Turkeynecks.."