As far as I can tell there are 4 variants of the Breadwinner/Deacon;

1. Deacon
2. Deacon 12 String
3. Breadwinner
4. Breadwinner "Limited"

How to tell the models apart:

The Deacon: Look for the Binding around the neck, "Double Diamond" fret markers, the scratch plate is smaller above the pickups than on a Breadwinner and as far as I can tell the Deacons only came in Natural wood finishes.

The Deacon 12 String: same as the above with 12 strings.
The Breadwinner: No neck binding, "dot" fret markers, a larger scratch plate. Breadwinners usually come in solid painted finishes, so far I`ve seen: Black, White, Red, Tan, Yellow, Sky Blue and Green.. any more?
The Breadwinner "Limited": Same as the Standard Breadwinner with a couple of distinctive differences, the upper body is more "sculpted" giving it to these eyes a much sleeker appearance, also the only 2 limiteds I`ve seen had sunburst finishes, a Dark Tan-Orange one and a Black-Grey one. The tuners on limiteds have a plastic "marbled" finish as opposed to the standard chrome ones on Deacons/Breadwinners. The Limited was the last version of the Breadwinner to be made, with only some 500 examples being produced, it is by far the rarest version of this guitar.