Some Songs from Pondy
There's nothing I like more than chopping out some loud simplistic Blanga (tm) guitar, it's in my blood, I find it hard to do anything else. However I also love pop songs, the dafter the better, I've still not managed to write one I'm totally happy with. So this page is just a collection of experiments, writing, singing recording or arranging they're just me stumbling about trying to find something fun. ..Oddly "Christmas at the Zoo" has had many thousands of downloads, mainly around the festive season, it cheers me up to know random people are playing a tune about canibalism at such a jolly time..

    Old Ladies in Mercedes

    Christmas At The Zoo

    Lets Get Brian Back in his Sandbox

    Owsleys World

    Driving West

    Little Black Egg*

    Murder Death Teen Ballad

    Tall Enough To Ride

    Copper Bottomed Genius

    Nothing Rhymes With Marion

    What is Wrong with this Picture?

    Another Daisy

    Eyes Wide Open

    Metal Daisy

    Mock Tudor (Hit record)

    MacDonalds Baby

    Elegant Decay

    Can't get you out of my head*

    Care of Cell 44*



    Darlin' Be Home Soon*