These are the droids you're looking for...
Steve Pond - Guitar - Vox - Synths

This compact assembly line droid comes to us via the Kranky Corps. bot breaking yard. Thought to be obsolete, but still working on it's original parts thanks mainly to the stamina engine, which is fuelled almost totally on cake and sugary drinks. Regular chip breaks must be taken, which does cause planning headaches. Previous owners include: The Three Laws, Inner City Unit, Pure Pressure and the Maximum Effect. These bots are equipped for Guitar, Singing, and Synthesisers. They should NEVER be left in charge of felt pens or any type of computer. Can time travel, cannot run fast.

Alex Tsentides - Bass - BVox - Synths

From the age of steam this bot is a reminder of when things were built to last. with a chassis of cast iron and a mechanical difference engine the Alex bass bot can perform simple tasks with the precision of a pulsar. Over engineered to an almost comical level the Alex bot likes to model a Cravat when in the view of the public. Previous owners include The Enid, Angstrom, The Pink Floyd Dimension and a short loan to Katrina and the Waves. The Alex bot has a known bug in it's support system, one leg will often retract to the closed position whilst it is in use, this does not however pose a risk to the operator due to the colossal weight of the other leg, the bot remains rooted and functional.

Kevin Walker - Drums - BVox

The most modern bot in the Krankschaft fleet, this droid was engineered for speed, it's mighty beating arms can fluctuate as fast as the wings of a hummingbird, yet they have the strength and subtlety of touch of a battering ram. The travel crate for the Kev bot is capable of extreme speed and autonomous motion. No Previous owners, the Kev Bot was found on the back of a lorry and never given back. Often found zooming about the place installing sound reproduction modules of its own design the Kev bot is the Swiss army knife of modern Bottiness. It beats to the sound of its own drum and has no aural receptors. eh?

Dr. Foxon - Politburo

When the Kranky Corps. (tm) bought a controlling interest in the Blanga reproduction units collectively known as Krankschaft they installed this supervisory bot. Responsible for all propaganda, artwork, visual advertising and legal matters the Foxon 6000 is the Kranky Corps most trusted envoy on mainland Europe. No previous owners, no instruction manual. Not suitable for underground work or mundane filling duties the Foxon 6000 has no off switch and should never be allowed near paint, needles, explosives or the National Archive.