"Frigging great!! The O2 awaits!"
Chris Kimsey - Producer of The Rolling Stones, Yes, ELP etc.

"It's fabulous from start to finish. Retro psych of course (which is my No.1 bag) but never sounds old hat.."
Captain Sensible - The Damned

"Once in a while you put an album on and you think Wow that's good from start to finish, and that's the case for this, I can't tell you how brilliant this album is" - Rob Harrison - Radio Caroline

"Three is a work of Art - Absolutely bleeping storming"
Jon Wisbey, BCFM Radio.

"I have Krankschaft Three down as album of the year! :)"
John Wadeson/Facebook

"Definitely my fav album of 2015 with 8 fave tracks"
Florian Dorfler/Facebook

"Phenomenal stuff. Album of the year? I jolly well think so!"
John Appleby/Facebook

"Bought the download. Near the end of track 6 of 8 and I am totally blown away by every aspect of this album. As in, great songs, superb musicianship, brilliant production, awesome freaking artwork and all-round, top notch, kick ass entertainment."
Rob Pullen/Facebook

"I listen album, many good. Death no occur."
Dave Bullmore/Facebook

Krankschaft Live Dates 2017:

Friday 3rd November
The Kings Arms - Saffron Walden Essex

Thursday 16th November:
HRH Prog #6 Pwllheli in North Wales


Krankschaft Live Dates 2018:

Saturday 24th February
The Rock Den - Hatfield With IT and The Gift

Saturday 24th March
The Windmill Inn Ashford, Kent

Sunday 1st April
Seaton Gateway - Seaton Devon

Saturday 1st September
Space Chase Too - Cannock

Saffron poster hrh prog poster

seaton poster

spacechase poster

seaton poster