Nothing Fey about this puppy.. T-Rex have the first glam hit proper, "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison had just left the number one spot Clive Dunn's "Grandad" a novelty record was still on heavy rotation.. but here it was a small beacon of light to those folk who were about to give up on the singles chart completely..

Silly high pitch vocals and a twee rhythm section did nothing to single out this record.. the daily papers were full of shock horror stories that:, "Sweet don't play on their own records!" these days that's common practise, but in 1971 it was an outrage.. and something that Sweet would never live down..

Back in their native midlands Sweet were something of a Rock/Blues supergroup.. ledgendary live shows and superb playing, but with the devil in the driving seat and hungry mouths to feed even you would make a record like "Co-Co".


Short hair, long hair, flat caps, tall hats.. Slade did `em all, this burst of hyper rock`n`roll energy was their first chart hit, managed by ex. Animals bass player Chas Chandler (RIP) Slade were what I call a "proper" band, ie they toured for years before their success, they knew how to work a room, and they toured for years after the hits stopped..

Confidence building with every hit the Bolan Boogie machine gets up to full steam, this song is known as "Bang A Gong" in the US where 10 years later it was a hit for "Power Station" a dodgy combo featuring a couple of Duran Durans and some old bloke from Newcastle.

Slade follow up hit number one with the brooding "Coz I Luv You" misspelled title, crunching rhythm and hoarse vocals would not at first glance appear to be the recipe for the most successful singles band since the Beatles.. T-Rex are now at least a whole lap ahead of the competition, they are a one band glam rock sensation.. Bolan is king of pop!

Onward towards: 1972