Sam Stathakis (Atlanta, Georgia) says:

Hello my name is Sam Stathakis and I live in Atlanta,Georgia USA... I am the probably the largest ovation collector around and I have over 50 ovations in my collection.. 12 are deacon/breadwinners.. I have every color breadwinner and every color deacon at least once... I have 12 string models as well and a few custom factory finishes and necks.. I also have the only deacon double neck ever built.. Im not bragging , I just want to give you some backgroung..Anyway, i ahve purchased from ovation guitars there entire New old stock of sold body parts inventory.. So, I have hundreds of original parts for deacons and breadwinners.. Bodies,necks,bridges,pickguards,tuners,literature ,owners manuals,etc.etc.... I just found your site and wanted to introduce myself and say hello.. By the way you forgot the most famous owner of a breadwinner... Ace freihley of "Kiss "played one before kiss became famous.... I also have the breadwinner Steve Marriott owned.. Funny story about that one, I discovered he owned it after I bought it... Also have the breadwinners/deacons designers personal deacon. He passed away a few years ago and I bought it from his widow.. She was selling his guitar collection.

here are a couple of pictures of my 13 deacon and breadwinners..I also have the only double neck deacon ever built....

here is the limited,in natural...

(Click for huge version)

More Guitars from my collection..

This pic is the deacon that was built by Jim Richard ,the original designer of the deacon/breadwinner at the ovation factory.This is his personal guitar that i bought from his widdow.He put a custom made walnut pickguard on it...

Blue Breadwinner..

I know these are not deacons /breadwinners but i thought you might enjoy these ovations anyway...They are all pre 1970.......Sam

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